Why should you subscribe to Firmiana's Newsletter?

Signing up for Firmiana's newsletter is absolutely free and allows you to always be the first to know about new products. Why miss this chance?

Why should you subscribe to Firmiana's Newsletter??

Signing up for Firmiana's newsletter is absolutely free and allows you to always be the first to know about new products. Why miss this chance?

All the advantages of subscribing to Firmiana's newsletter.

The newsletter is a powerful means of communication because it allows us to reach our customers in just a few seconds!
You will also have the opportunity to be the first to be updated on our promotions, on the launch of new brands and designers of our 100% Made in Italy collections.
Here are all the advantages you could have:
1)    Temporary discount
2)    An exclusive offer reserved for members only
3)    Pre-orders on hard-to-find products
4)    Online purchase priority (even on discountinued products)



Let's remove some doubts on subscribing to our Newsletter.

Firstly, we reassure you immediately: subscribing to our newsletter is absolutely not mandatory!

In addition, it can be revoked at any time and without prior notice. Just contact us at the email servizioclienti@firmiana.it.
Don't forget that our communication with the customer is based entirely on dialogue. If you don't feel like receiving our updates anymore, you have all the rights to unsubscribe from our newsletter.
You privacy is very important for us. By subscribing to the Firmiana Newsletter, we will treat your privacy according to the strictest legislative requirements ((Legislative Decree no. 196/03).
If you are not 100% convinced of our reliability, check our Privacy Policy for further informations.


Last but not least…

If you are kind of distracted and have many things in your mind, you might forget your password to access you account MyFirm.
No problem! Just click on "Remember Password" and you will receive an email with the new password. 
While if you decide to change  your subscription email address, you can modify it fast and easy.
After entering your email, click on “My Data” on the upper right side. After entering your new email, confirm it clicking on the "Save" button. 
Easy, isn't it?

If you need any other answer, you can visit the FAQ section on Firmiana.us. Click here!

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